Now ANYONE can get that added touch of realism and detail seen on the great works of the Master Builders and...IT'S SO EASY!

Developed by Master Builder Bob Schwab and used for years on the works he created for himself and custom-built for others, Robert's Brick Mortar Formula is now available to give YOUR works the "Master Touch".

Getting those mortar lines on your brick and stone has always been something you wanted but was just to complicated, too messy, and too risky. WELL THE ANSWER IS HERE! With ROBERT'S you just CAN"T mess it up - no matter what your skill level. Just put it on, let it dry, and wipe it off. It doesn't matter how much you put on - so you don't have to worry about applying too much. After it's on you let it dry, so you can't mess that part up. And after it's dry, you can wipe it off right away, the next day, or even next week, so there is no rush like with paint where you have to get it off before it dries or you botched it.

SO GIVE IT A TRY! You'll be amazed at how fantastic it looks and how fast and easy it was to get the look of the Master Builders!