1) Shake well-stir if needed. Apply thin coat over surface to be mortared using a small brush or damp rag, filling all mortar lines.

2) Allow to dry until a powdery white film appears.

3) Wipe brick face clean to desired look using a damp rag (easier if wiped same day but can be done next day or later).

For an aged effect leave some powdery residue on brick face. For colored mortar apply a wash of your favorite color after Step 3. Safe for plastic, polyester, plaster, wood, epoxy, & polyurethane.

There are many ways to do something.....here are some that work well for us! These apply to ALL scales.


Moderate to heavy: weather the brick before using ROBERTS, seal with a clear gloss spray, apply ROBERTS, then apply weathering to the mortar lines as desired, seal with Dullcote. Bonus: leave a bit of residue when wiping off ROBERTS for a lightly weathered look or dilute ROBERTS with water as desired to make a wash for use on concrete plants, grain elevators, or to get the loo of sun-faded boards.

Colored Mortar

Off white to grey can be achieved with a dilute India ink wash after ROBERTS is applied and wiped, for other colors use a wash of water soluble acrylic paint.

Special Hints For DPM

These are great kits and we have many of them. Some of the molds yield a brick face that is more of a bump than a raised rectangle and some of you have had problems with other products because of this. ROBERTS works well on these kits if the wipe rag you use is a T-shirt type material stretched over your wipe finger and you wipe on an angle which is what we recommend for all types of surfaces.

Wipe Motion

Outside Use

ROBERTS will work just as great on your outside structures if you just remember that it is water soluble. After applying and wiping ROBERTS, simply seal your mortar lines adequately with a clear gloss spray and tone it down with Dullcote as desired.


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